What is the goal of the website?

To provide the most accurate and detailed information about metas in Geoguessr as possible.

Is the development still ongoing?


The plan is:

1. Data collection (ongoing)
2. Country pages
3. Implement functionality (filters, navigation)
4. Make the website pretty
5. Adding maps, suggestions, extras...

Current status

Architecture - Published
Bollards - Published
Cars - Published
Camera Gen - Published
Companies - Published
Countries - Published
Currency - Published
Domains - Published
Driving Side - Published
Flags - Published
Follow Cars - Published
House Numbers - Published
License Plates - Published
Lines - Published
Nature - Published
Phone Numbers - Published
Rifts - Published
Scenery - Published
Sidewalks - Published
Snow - Published
Traffic Lights - Published
Utility Poles - Published
Years - Published

Languages - Data collected, to be published

Signs - In progress

Can I help?

The best way you can help is by submitting any missing/wrong information. If there is anything in particular you would like to give a hand with please contact MouseWithBeer.

What is the best way to contact you?

We have a dedicated Discord server and any issues/suggestions can be posted there.

You can also contact MouseWithBeer privately on:
Discord: MouseWithBeer#0553

Who is behind the website?

Research & website: MouseWithBeer

Graphical work & research: PV_93

United States part of Geohints: Oddtom

Interactive maps: Sören

Big thank you to the people who have helped by submitting information:

Bluehorizonsky, Hanno, Jerbalito, Meatloaf, Nindreausand, Okay1272, Rrick378 and everyone else!

Credit for a lot of the road signs imagery goes to Fry1989.

How can I support the website?

The website is free to use and does not run any ads. If you would like to support it by helping with server/domain costs you can currently do that via the donation options Geohints Twitch channel or Ko-fi.

Thank you PaulDk95 for 10€ <3